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Welcome to MethadoneDetox.org

If you’ve ever been through opiate withdrawal, you understand how grueling the process can be. I’ve personally been through it more than a dozen times, and each time has been worse than the last.

Methadone detox and methadone maintenance programs can be helpful in getting you off of the hard stuff, but it’s wise to do some of your own research before you consider that route.

I hope that with www.methadonedetox.org, I can help you along with your research so you can make an informed decision based on the facts.

There are both pros and cons to this method of treatment, and I think that both sides of the story should be given a fair chance.

I wish you all the best. :)


1 tigerlily { 11.13.09 at 12:49 pm }

I’ll be jumping off at 30 mg of methadone at a inpatient medical detox. I am terriffed. I still have to get from 45mg to 30mg in the next 2 weeks. so far dropping from 70mg to 45, has been painless dropping 5mg, every 2 weeks. But I know that hell is around the corner for me. I wish there was more info on this site, everything else I seem to find online are outdated message boards from 2005? help.

2 admin { 12.14.09 at 12:38 am }


I apologize for the delay in response. I’m going to send you a private message, please respond when you get a chance.

3 Sundevil { 12.23.09 at 4:38 pm }

My daughter started at 50 mg. methodone this week she says she is still sick and she said she’s been still using heroin when she gets sick because the 50 mg. isn’t working. I don’t know anything about this and want to know if you can tell me anything. I am thinking that is not safe, what can happen?

4 asbo81 { 01.05.10 at 11:44 am }

i need some HELP i myself am not an addict and never have been but my husband is, he has currentily managed to get down to 18mg of methadone and needs off it straght away as the lifestyal it brings and i need it away from me and my kids like yesterday,
he says hes starting a home detox this wek and the support group are not keen to offer him help, the doctor has said he will provide sleeping pills, but will this be anuf, whats he going to be like, i have no idea what to expect will i give in and get him some when i see how bad he is as i dont want to see my hubby in so much pain, i am at my witts end and dont no what to do
thankyou x

5 Christina { 03.28.10 at 2:04 pm }

I have been on the methadone programme this time for 7mths, i have been on it twice before that over the last 10years. All i can say to “asbos81″ is watching your husband withdraw will be hard for you and the kids, if would be advisable if you can to take the kids somewhere else for the week, it is a massive task your husband is about to embark on and he will be moody, sore, and not in the mood to communciate or participate in family things. Try and be strong for your husband, and if he can’t handle doing it himself at home, don’t break, if he decides that he needs to go and score he will, don’t do that for him, once he’s done a week, the pain will subside, and alot of it is in his head, telling himself that this is too hard and he can’t do it, try just giving him positive feedback, he will love it on the other side. Good luck.

As for me i would love some help coming of the methadone, i’ve gotten to a place in my life where i don’t want methadone in my life anymore, i hate it, a love hate relationship as they say. What can i do to find a doctor who will perscribe me the necessary pills i need to be succussful in a methadone withdrawal programme. All i seem to be offered is phenergan, which is for hayfever for godsake, I can’t do it without the aid of sleeping tablets and valium to keep you sane during the day. Any help would be much appreciated. Does anyone know of any inpatient treatment centres that don’t cost the earth.

6 Rich { 04.17.10 at 6:22 am }

Hey i just came across this site, and i myself have gone threw both Heroin and Methadone Withdrawal, i have been on Methadone and stable for over 10 years, and have tried to come of it twice in that time, Methadone is by a long long way alot harder and more importantly takes longer to come off then Heroin,

However i do have some Advise for someone wanting to come off long term Methadone maintenance, the Drug i used was called Lofexidine, and it for the most part handles the withdrawal symptoms, its the only drug i used that makes withdrawal bearable,

Its not like being in the withdrawal and using sleeping tablets or valum, where u still suffer badly but are medicated,

Lofexidine is non addictive and actually removes many of the worst symtoms,

7 Rich { 04.17.10 at 6:33 am }

To asbo81

Hey i wish your Husband well i do not know your situation, but the No1 most important aspect of weather he will be successful is if the idea and drive for detox is from him and not from others.

he needs to be committed himself and even with that its incredibly difficult, you dont say how long he has been on Methadone but getting down to 18mg is good progress,

as to weather Sleeping pills will be enough, it will be very hard with just sleeping pills i used lofexidine when i did mine and that did help alot

To Sundevil

If your daughter is on 50mg and is still using heroin then its not and i would recommend upping the dose untill she is comfortable not using heroin, people get hung up on weather 50 70 or even 90mg is enough or to much and in my experience if 75mg versus 50mg meens not using heroin thats the important thing,
particularly if she is using needles

8 marta { 05.02.10 at 10:35 am }

I’m about to enter a detox/rehab inpatient program where they will taper me off methadone a bit at a time. I’m currently on a prescribed dose of 60 mg daily, but the problem is that I take mroe than I’m supposed to and that leaves me most months with 8-12 days with no methadone. I end up buying other opioids from friends. At the detox/rehab they will start me (I guess) on 60 mg. per day and go down about 5 mg every 2 weeks. I may have to be there for 4, 5 , or 6 months but I’ll do whatever it takes.
What scares me most is withdrawal. I’ve been through it before when I ran out of my prescription and either couldn’t find any opiates to buy or was broke and couldn’t afford any. I hate it! I’ve been through childbirth, surgeries, etc., and there is nothing worse to have to go through than opiate withdrawal. Freinds and family don’t fully understand this. Everybody pretty much knows that heroin withdrawal is hellish because it’s been on TV and taught in school health classes, but people don’t understand that trying to get off prescription opiates is just as bad.
Anybody have advice?

9 mattk { 05.25.10 at 11:12 pm }

im currently at 35 mg and going down to 25 for another week and then 15 for 3 days then gonna try to totally detox at a family members Up north … ne suggestions of nething i can take to help with the withdrawls …. i took pills like candy for 2 1/2 years and have been on methadone for 15 months now and sick and tired of being dependant on something

10 defiant { 06.30.10 at 10:28 am }

I just came off 20 mg off methadone and i am not gonna lie it has been hell on earth. i DO NOT recommend coming off methadone alone, i went to a detox program in a hospital for3 days and that wasnt the hard part. The last week since ive been home, a week today, has been second to second, minute to minute and that was the hard part. i finally am starting to not psychologically think i need an oxycontin or methadone. i have been incapable of handling anything this last week and being at home atleast for me was hard but i had my family. i think the psychological part was harder than the physical. Methadone is not an answer, though it helped me to be clean from oxycontin for 9 months i should have just detoxed from that than methadone. I pray for everyone who is suffering from this disease. If you can be patient and dose down slowly from methadone 5mg every other week is what i did til i got to 20 mg, i would suggest that. versus just trying to stop cold turkey. Best wishes to all.

11 Franke Gonzalez { 07.19.10 at 1:00 pm }

i am sorry about the way i type i am new at this i can remember when i was sober sleeping, eating, you know just regular things that we as human beings take for granted, i have a unique story too tell. i know everyone has but i truly do i was a drug dealer making heroin

12 Dawn { 07.24.10 at 4:24 am }

Hi to everyone ehre,
well I am in the middle of a methadone detox now, I was started many yrs ago and built up to 100mls a week, i got to the age of around 37 and didn’t want the lifestyle that I’d had constantly through the yrs, i have done around 6 methadone withdrawls whilst in prison and this was at a time when they wouldn’t help u in there with methadone, even though i was prescribed it outside, i had also continued to do heroin and crack whilst in and out of prison over numerous yrs, as i said I got to an age were enuff was enuff, so I moved over 35 miles away from my home town of wigan 5 yrs ago to an hostel, i started a methadone programme once i moved and i’ve never looked back, i haven’t had illicit drugs for over 3yrs now but was still on methadone, my doctor and drug workeer have simply been great, they have seen a big difference in me and my life since i first came to my new home, yes i got a flat just round the corner from the hostel, my family came back into my life after 15 yrs of no contact with them, and i now am so happy i could burst with it, and so just under a week ago i went to see my doctor as i have been down to the last 20mls and had dropped from 90 to 70 for 2 wks then from 70 to 50 for 2 wks then from 50 to 40 then 40 to 30 then 30 to 20, i had even started to get my methadone on 2 days a week from my local chemist, anyway i had gotten so fed up with going to the chemist and having to go to a special counter set out for the methadone addicts and felt ashamed, so i told my doctor i needed his help to come off the last 20 mls, and that i just wanted to drop it, and he asked what I thought would work for me, so I asked for an anti-spasmodic tablet called buscopan as the ur body is given to doing to involuntary jumps and is a big issue when ur withdrawing and also for diazepam to get rid of the massive anxiety attacks that come as well, i’ve never had pains in my legs or diaorreah although some ppl do and vomit profusely as well so i guess i’m lucky there too, i was also lucky in the fact that my doctor is also the top drug doctor for the area next to mine so he knew what he was doing and he gave me what i asked for, I am now into my 3rd day of withdrawls and to tell the truth, i’m not 100% I feel very lethargic and my neck aches and stomach, and i’m restless but with no body jumping, i haven’t even had the cold and hot sweats that usually come and it’s a breeze so far compared to what i expected, my partner is very supportive and has done the house work,fed the dog, fed the birds and any other jobs that have needed doing, it’s also brought on my periods which i have a bad time with anyway early, but I want to do this, i want to be coherent everyday now and love my life, i lived a life of crime for most of my life and u wouldn’t think i was the same person from 5yrs ago, I pay all my bills on time and go shopping for food weekly and am an honest law abiding citezen these days, I love the peace of mind I have now, had I stayed in wigan i think it would of been much harder and would probably still be stuck in the same old rut, so I advise anyone getting off the sh%t to move away if u can and start fresh, no one knows me here, no one knocking asking can i score and they’ll sort me, no dealers knocking asking if i want some stuff, and no one asking me if i’m shop lifting and can i get them things, i had to leave it all behind, but more importantly I wanted too, u know in ur heart wether or not ur serious about coming off drugs altogether but when ppl can see u are like my parents and sister and children and doctor and drug worker they will go out of their way to accomadate u and help, thats been my experience, and i did try re-hab and other things over the years but was never really serious, I just want u to tell ur children, brothers,sisters and husbands that there is a better life for then than what drugs brings, but u have to give urself a chance and then everyone else will, i hope this helps some of u and gives u hope? regards…

13 hazil { 07.25.10 at 8:22 pm }

I was on methadone for four years. Stabalized at 130 mlgs after using heroin for many years. I went to a clinic and slowly detoxed about 5-10 mlg a month then took 2.5 mg for 4 weeks and am now at zero for the past 8 days. My regular doctor prescribed Xanax and ambien to help with the detox. It’s been tough but I am getting through it. The worst symptoms are insomnia, restless leg, muscle cramps, anxiety,irritability and exhaustion. However it is tolarable. I go to work daily sleep 2-4 hours a night and sweat a lot. But that being said I am winning I know this will be over soon. Hang in there YOU CAN DO THIS good luck everyone

14 Jo { 08.09.10 at 7:59 am }

I’m so glad I found this site, not sure it will do any good, but I too am battling methadone, I tried to cold turkey, big mistake, but there’s no place that will detox me coz I’m on such a high dose, 120, they want you to be under 30, so I tried, went to a sober living house but it got too bad, ended up having a seizure, and of course the hospital wouldn’t do anything, I’ve been in recovery before but relasped, went right to the methadone coz the heroin wasn’t strong enough, got the methadone at a pain clinic, been on it for a year at 120, my friends in recovery, think that if I really want to I can just do this, bullshit, I tried and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do, so now i have a friend that is dosing me, now at 60, but he wants to hurry and bring me down 10 a day and I’m already uncomfortable at 60, sometimes I think maybe I will just have to be on it the rest of my life, I’m 52 and I’ve struggled with opiates all of my adult life, my family, friends just don’t want to have anything to do with me when I’m on it so for along time I lied, but the guilt just made me do more, then I couldn’t hold down a job, so I know I can’t manage it alone, but i also know I can’t just stop quickly, to make everyone happy and then there’s always the money issue, people won’t help you without money, so I’m stuck, any advice would help at this point, I’m open minded……….Jo

15 Lisa { 08.10.10 at 12:20 pm }

i have been on methadone for about 10 or so years and recently i have had no other alternative but to quit cold turkey and yes it was PURE HELL but it’s been @ 12 days now with me being completly off this drug and i was on 200+ mg a day, percsribed by a doctor and plus other opiate medications as well that i was taken on top of the methadone and had to come off cold turkey and i’m writing because i have fought this battle for many years now and i’m in a place in my life to where i hate myself for allowing this to hurt me and my family in the ways that it has and i’m determined to stay methadone-free and sober but can anyone shed any light on how long the pain, weakness, diarea, LEG PAIN (omg, the leg pain), insomnia, muscle cramps, the twitching, bad dreams, loss of appetite, the yawning, sneezing, and tiredness will last? like i said it’s been about 12 days now and i’m in such pain still and even though i feeel that ive detoxed cold turkey and have somehow survived the inevidle, i just wanted to get some opinions on my situation PLEASE!!!!!!!! thank u

16 Brian { 08.16.10 at 8:45 am }

Pushing thru the Storm

What an experience getting off methadone. I am writing this article to assist in my recovery. Getting off methadone, the pain and hell that I went through, is an experience that I will use to motivate myself to stay clean and proactive. I remember the confidence I had to build prior to attempting yto detox off methadone. I assume the reason your reading about my experience is so you can get a sense of what’s to come when you attempt your detox experience. I too did a lot of research on the net reading blogs and research on the detox symptoms on health sites. Apparently detoxing off methadone takes roughly 3 to 4 weeks. Don’t let that discourage you! If your anything like me, I’m an average Joe weighing roughly 170lbs at age 33, than you too can succeed on your quest to cut that ball and chain.
Now I was on a daily dose of 95mg. What I did was I had my daily intake cut down to 30 mg. Now I did feel the detox effects, but surprisingly that detox experience was pleasantly easy. I would take my dose of 30mg right before I work, and that allowed me stay functional. Now when the work day came to an end, I experienced some mild discomfort. So I would then finish all parental responsibilities, and go to bed early. That way I can sleep the discomfort away. Now I admit getting up in the morning is harder than usual, but I would push through the pain and discomfort and begin the cycle again. It took me about a week to get my body rebalanced. I stayed on 30 mg for roughly a month. I then decided I was ready to quit cold turkey, and here I am, alive and well! Over coming my addiction is a wonderful feeling, but I know that the battle isn’t over.. On my 23rd day, my mental health is roughly 70%. I am currently experiencing strange high and low emotions. I feel like a woman going through metapause. So I have an appointment scheduled for a mental health physician. I suggest you be proactive and set up a mental health appointment before you begin your detox. Also it is important to take vitamins while you detox. You most likely be too sick to eat, but it is very important to try to maintain your nutrition needs. If your body isn’t happy, than your mind wont be happy.
Now the key to successfully detox off methadone, is to maintain your determination, and to remember why your quitting in the first place! Wanting to better provide for my son was my motivation. Just looking at him, helped me to keep pushing forward. Now the detox experience was the most exhausting and miserable experience of my life. You will get sick and tired of being sick and tired! Stay determined and keep pushing forward. Now I must warn you, YOU CANNOT DETOX ALONE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE A SINGLE PARENT! I say this for you and your children’s safety. Your first week will be the worst week you will ever experience. Doing simple tasks will become exhausting! You will feel incredibly heavy. The chills will haunt you, and I became very cold for roughly 2 weeks. Your body’s natural response is to go to sleep when your sick. You will feel sick, but another symptom of methadone detox is restlessness. Roughly my 5th day I began to experience insomnia. I remember laying down tossing and turning because I felr this deep tickling sensation in all my joints. That very sensation inhibited me from getting any sleep . My sleep deprevation intensified the detox symptoms, and I was truly miserable. I was so exhausted for not sleeping for multiples days. It got so bad I’ve experienced hallucinations and I was on the brink of insanity. I am blessed to have my brother on my side supporting me in my recovery. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. We eventually went to a physician to help alleviate my symptoms, and most importantly prescribe a medication to help me sleep. Now the medications prescribed did help immensely, and my days began to get better from there! Now recovering from Methadone is a long process. You will eventually get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Its more like, as a day or two go by, your level of misery will drop from a 10 to a 9. Another day or two go by and your level will drop to an 8. Now I am on my 23rd day and I can honestly rate my level at 3. But thankfully I am functional. I was functional by my 15th day. I hope my experience will help you in your quest to better your life! Your success will be very rewarding, and your quality of life will get better as time goes by. Stay determined and use your experience as a tool to keep yourself motivated! You can do it. Just keep pushing thru the storm, and remember the misery is only temporary. Wise words spoken from a true poet (Bob Marley) “Everythings Gonna Be Alright!”

17 kendra { 08.31.10 at 1:22 pm }

I have been addicted to methadone for 13 years. I have had no luck at getting off of it. I am on 200mg a day so u can imagine what its like to withdrawl from that…. I need help so bad but noone in springfield illinois wants to help just stop me cold turkey and their is no frikin way in hell. I have went thru seizures coming off of this junk… If anyone out their can help please e mail me kendrajohnson81@comcast.net.. please I am begging for help.. I take too much to try the suboxen and i cant just stop… Even weaning myselp is impossible for me with out being monitored… Once again im begging for help…. If anyone out their can relate or has been thru this before give me some advice… P.S I am not on a clinic, I get them off the streets…

18 kendra { 08.31.10 at 1:23 pm }

I have noone to turn to for the help I need, Please get back to me… kendrajohnson81comcast.net

19 Dara P { 10.13.10 at 8:19 pm }

I started using methadone 2 yrs ago to kick a bad opiate addiction. the main problem in recovery is FEAR. Fear of being sick, not sleeping,sweats, body aches and the euphoric recalls are horrible. I am down to 20mg a day and feel good. I will be through with the “liquid handcuffs” in 4 weeks. It’s mental as much as physical. If you want your life back I suggest getting off it slowly, at YOUR own pace. Dont let the fear win, your life’s worth it!!!

20 robin davis { 10.19.10 at 12:37 pm }

can any one tell me the best way to take care of my self im coming off meathdone i was on 115 now im down to 90 and got to jan 3 to be off so what do u think is the best thing after that do u think in going to steal be sick or just a little i would love any one,s help thank you so much

21 craig { 11.09.10 at 3:26 pm }

This has bin the hardest thing i’ve ever had to deal with, I want to be clean so much but I cant see a way out of this it’s pure torture, for me and my family! I wish I was as strong as my other half but the truth is i’m not and never will be, I was an addict for about 14 years but havn’t touched heroin for 3 years now Im slowly dropping my methadone now, but i’m scared of feeling normal, so much has changed since I started taking opiates and I feel like half of my life is a blank and I sure aint looking forward to reality hitting me like a sledgehammer, so I suffer from panic attacks because of this, somebody help me please! I’m desperate

22 Rich { 11.27.10 at 7:13 pm }

i was on Methodane at 80 mils for 3 years in the 80’s. I slowly dropped to 15 mil. At that point I dumped my last three bottles and didn’t even get a sniffle.
In 2010 I was injured and became addictted to ocxycontin. I have been on methodone for 10 years startinf=g at 120 mils. I have dropped myself down to thirty, dumped my months worth in the toliet and take 2 mg ox Xanax for sleep. I figure the I get a good nights sleep, exercise (as uch as I can). Keep wel hydrated and eat very well according to my wife. I when through a librium detok for 1 month few years back due to lack of sleep and depression. I figure after 2 to 3 week the weth should be out of me. At that point I wi do the same thing with the Xanax that they did with the Librium. 2mg tab for 1 week, 3/4 for one week, 1mg for 1 week, and 1/4 for the last week. This is the exact thing they did with the librium. I hope I am a genius and I fugured it out. I feel great, no psychoogocal problem or phyical problems. Hopefully this helps some one. 90% of th addiction is in your head. If there i no desire for the drug more than 80% of the battle is won. I have gone through heroin detox at least 8 times in my life and t was hell. It was hell unti I figured the pyschological part out and that took away 3/4 of the pain. Hope this helps a like mined individual.

23 Alex { 12.06.10 at 1:52 pm }

Hey everyone. My boyfriend & I have been taking methadone for the last year, every single day. Well, the fun is almost over, as we are almost completely broke & aren’t gunna be able to buy any more (we are looking to buy our last batch) but I am absolutely terrified. When I first started a year ago, I would only take a half at a time, & now there are times when I can take up to 120mg a day. Granted, over the few weeks, since the money is almost gone, I’ve had to take less to try & conserve what we have. So over the last few weeks, I think I’ve taken more than 70mg a day. The other day, I decided to not take any for a few days, just to see how I’d feel & give myself an idea of what the detox would be life. It was absolute HELL. I couldn’t sleep, I’d just toss & turn. I had extreme nausea, anxiety & diarrhea. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore & took 25mg & within an hour, I felt better. I am just SO scared to detox. Anybody have any advice, or thoughts, please feel free to share! Thanks! ~Alex

24 kinnide { 12.15.10 at 11:17 am }

I feel stupid for asking this, but is this message board up to date.

25 Jax { 01.06.11 at 10:16 am }

Im on 70ml, been between 70ml & 85ml for the past 10yrs. I’ve simply had enough, my life is at a complete stand still & Im fed up off living in a bubble. Like most people, Im petrified off getting sick, the idea of doing a rattle scares the hell out of me as I have no tolerance. But, Im also scared of dealing with reality. Ive had a few deaths in my family over the years, the most recent being my boyfriend & losing my baby just before he died 5yrs ago. I have not dealt with any of this, id swallow my methadone, and more on top, then just battle on with life.
I dont lead the normal ‘chaotic’ lifestyle a user leads, I have a nice home, a car, a job & live a relatively quiet life. I only have few friends that are on a prescription. Most people are surprised when they find out my drug past.
I started seeing a guy a few months ago, he’d been clean for quite a few years but everyday is still a battle for him with drugs, so unfortunatly our relationship didnt last. It was just another kick in the teeth because of my prescription.
I want my life back, i want to stop using methadone but i really am petrified.

26 Robert S. { 01.17.11 at 7:44 pm }

Methadone is no different than taking medication for high blood pressure or diabetes.It’s not hard to understand how we got into this mess.Pain,emotional or physical.Loneliness and loss.Opiates are the perfect medicine for our ills and pain.Sadly, they are not sanctioned for the peoples use.Under the care of a doctor,they do no worse than constipation and addiction.Oh my god,addiction,what a scary word|!Don’t we need food and water every day.We can detox whenever one chooses.You can’t do that with food and water.Some people get extremely sick when they first do opiates.God bless them.But to the ones that can handle it,iI dare you to try it.Then you will understand it’s power.

27 robbie { 02.14.11 at 6:18 am }

hi every one i am lookin to ,get off of the does i am at 47mg been on it for 8 years and now the place that i get it want me to pee in cup and i just cant do the pee in the cup thing . i was at 120 mgs and took my self down to were i am at now i want to start to get off of it but my wife and kids no what is going to take place is there some way to keep my life from fully falling apart and can any one tell me some that i can take to keep me from hurting i no what i am going to go through but dont want my boy to see this

28 Jenna { 03.21.11 at 4:55 pm }

I have been on both sides – I have been the clean and sober wife of a heroin addict and, many years later after a serious back injury, found myself addicted to my pain pills, oxycontin and dilaudid. I was taking more pills than prescribed, too embarassed to tell my doctor that the pills weren’t working, so I would buy or barter for more pills. When my pill sources ran dry, the pain was so intense I went ahead and got heroin. After a while I would trade my pills for heroin because it worked so much better. After my surgery, I detoxed off the pills and was put on a methadone pain management program. I would horde my methadone and use it to kick when I couldn’t afford or find any heroin. I did this for about three years along with my significant other until we started selling off our prized posessions for heroin. At that point we decided we didn’t want to lose everything to this and friends of ours were going into rehab so we decided to self-rehab at home. We tapered down using methadone and eventually stopped using. I am still on 60mg of methadone a day and am planning to detox off of it because I am tired of being dependent upon pills. In the past, I have detoxed with minimal discomfort if you just take it slow, gradually lowering the dose by small amounts. If you go slowly enough, you escape withdrawals. The last 5mg is always the hardest, in my opinion. Some people go the route of suboxone, but I hear that detox off that is even worsed. I tried it once, but took it too soon, before withdrawals hit and was sent into the worst withdrawals I’d ever experienced, I thought I was truly going to die. My experience has been that if you are truly ready, you will prevail. I went through heroin withdrawals many times before I was successful, but was able to do it at home. The mental addiction, I think, is the hardest part. I watched my husband try to kick for years, over and over and over, and then clean up for 8 years, only to relapse again. He had many psychological issues and had a hard time with reality, so for him, it took months of rehab. I recommend therapy after the withdrawals as sometimes the physical part is just the beginning and it takes a while to shake the depression that follows. No matter how you detox, it takes time and the true desire to stop if you want to be successful. I have been off of heroin and pills for 2 years now and haven’t looked back. I wish anyone the best of luck, and if you are the family member or close friend of an addict, it can be just as painful as it is for the addict. I was fortunate enough to pull off that part of my with very few people ever knowing about it. I saw how it hurt my son and am grateful that he never found out. This is really the first time I have ever been completely open about my addiction, so thank you for reading this and I hope I can offer any advice to anyone who might need it. If you are reading this, you are likely and addict or have an addict in your life, so I wish you well!

29 sheila { 04.05.11 at 7:06 am }

i know someone who has high blood pressure and she was at 40mgs and totally couldnt handle it. the sweats and chills were so bad for her and it was happening at the same time she said, not just that but her body felt like so sick on top of all that. methadone is the worst drug to come off. i have been trying to find her a place to detox and i cant find one thats not gona cost an arm and leg that she dont have.please, if there is anyone out there that knows a place i can call for her please help me. she lives in akron ohio and i dont want to lose my best friend. please, is there anyone out there that can help me help her.

30 Rob { 05.15.11 at 10:00 am }

hi i am 43 in 1 week batlled drugs since 14 and drink detox detox detox wen you are redy then you will do it we all now the symptons and it hurts so much push threw it ime down to 10ml off 12o second proggramm in 3 years o and it aint good but i can see some good coming out off it b strong every body all my thoughts rob

31 anna { 06.23.11 at 9:00 am }

i am at 44mg’s and comming down 3 mg’s a week, then i plan to come down 2 mg’s a week, i really want off this drug, even if you come down 2 mg’s every 2 weeks, atleast the number are going down, i understand what yr friend is going threw, it might be that she is comming down too fast? Let me know I will help anyone that I can Hugs anna.

32 anna { 06.23.11 at 10:35 am }

PS There was a time when I was on 190 mg’s, So I have been threw alot, and I have answer’s to some questions I’m sure, Ask away my friends. :)

33 shelia , story # 29 { 08.04.11 at 6:18 pm }

this is for shiela’s friend. i went through it all believe me and i know what it’s like when help seems hopeless. i want u to call Cory, he is the founder of Above it all treatment program in arrowhead California. believe me, he can help ur friend. Please call him. he saved my life and i have no money myself. his number is 909-338-1234.good luck!

34 surviver { 09.19.11 at 4:23 am }

This is by far the worst drug ever made. I used it about a yr for shoulder and back pain and hated the side effects…lethargic, no libido, weight gain and loss of interest in many things I once loved. I quit cold turkey after only 10 to 20 mg a day. Let me tell you it will not be easy or pleasant! If you want to experiance hell on earth this is it. Be strong and keep yourself busy if you can. Forget about sleep for at least a week or two not to mention restless legs and flu-like symptoms. Stay hydrated and eat healthy even if you dont think you can. YOU WILL get better. I am starting to love the things again I did and feel more like my old self everyday. I forgot I loved music, blue skys, fresh air and SEX! Life is a very precious thing not to be wasted or taken for granted. I also suffered the loss of my only son who was a wonderful young man while detoxing and the emotions were overwhelming! Look to whoever you call your higher power and ask for peace. Good luck to all who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Stay positive and try and enjoy and saver each day.

35 PB { 09.22.11 at 12:37 pm }

My boyfriend was on 270mg a day given by Pain Mgmt, in the past 2 months they have cut him down to 180 mg a day. They are giving him more moraphine to help with the pain. Right now he is in a mental health hospital because he is angry at everyone and everything. The doctors today are doing this to people. He has been on this high of a dose for 7 years. IT has destroyed our life together. If anyone is listening get off this crap. He is 54 years old and can not work or function any longer.

36 joan { 10.05.11 at 1:50 pm }

i am finally trying to get off of methadone for the fifth time in my life! i am on 78 mgs i attend a walk in clinic everyday and have been there for six years i am finally mentally ready to get this drug out of my life when i got sick of going to this place every damn day seeing the same faces every day seeing the same people who use this clinic to get high because their broke and when their not you don’t see them for six days because of the fact that after a week if you don’t show they will boot off the program so usually on the first it’s quiet around there and it’s sad to see 70 and even 90 year old men and ladies who have been on this or heroine for pretty much all of there natral lives i got sick of looking at the same faces it is so pathetic so sad and i don’t want to live my life like that any more i am thirty years old and have been high one way or another for fifteen years of my life and i figure if i put in half the effort of getting high for those many years i can live the rest of my life sober and thrive i want to taste things the way they should be tasted and see the things the way they should be seen i am not willing to do this any more i have a daughter who is nine and every day sine before i even gave birth to her she pulled on my heart strings now i had enough currage to be souber for nine months while i was pregnant with her i didn’t even smoke ciggarets when i carried my special baby and look at me now i say in the mirror i am always kicking my self in the a#* for what i have done to her and my family and my self you see just like heroine methadone destroys lives it is not worth it i feel like if your not ready to get completely souber and you need a stepping stone try other routes one segestion can be a drug called saboxin or bupinorphin now please exuse my spelling but if yound these things out it might beable to help if you google theese drugs they are supposed to help you because they are desighned with a chemical in them that will make you terribly sick if you use any other drug even drinking alcahol can make you vomit like nobody’s buisness ! if you are on methadone you have to detox for 74 hours before taking this drug because it def will pull all of it out of your system and make u ill! but after that time frame it should be safe to use any methadone clinic you go too should have pamplits for threir clients to read but as far as for me i want cimpletely off of any opiate chemical for ever i just have to find the right place to go to for around the clock care if there any seggestions please respond now iv’e also herd of a method called the weiseman method were they put you to sleep for up to or around 7 to 10 days and flush your system so you dont have to feel the brunt of the withdrawl symptoms and for the faint of heart like my self who has had siezures and has almost died because of withdrawl im willing to try anything that will make it just a little bit more simple for me than not i dont ever want to worry again and after my self i want this the most for my daughter and my man than anything ! regards

37 amy { 10.25.11 at 12:01 pm }

hi everyone, i am currently taking 50 mgs of methadone a day and need to find a doctor to prescribe to me! i want to start weaning myself off but need a doctors help….. i went to a clinic about an hour and a half away from my home and that just got to b waaaaay to mucb for me! i have two children and i dont have anytime to b completly laid up being sick, please can anyone help me find a doctor?!

38 laura { 11.23.11 at 11:26 pm }

im doing a methadone dettox. I started on 100ml and i have been reducing 2ml a week im now on 3ml. i really need some advice. I really dont feel well aint sleeping and everything seems really bright for some reason. i havent used heroin for almost 2 years now and i dont want to. im due to drop to 1ml in a weeks time. methadone is a horrible nasty drug. my email address is beans50@hotmail.co.uk if anybody needs any advice from me because it aint easy.

39 tim.detroit { 12.26.11 at 3:53 pm }

I started MMT 2 monthes ago for the first time. I was addicted to heroin and fentanyl for 8 years. At first I used while on methadone but finally my dose increased to 125mg and was able to stabalize me enough to get by. I’ll stay on methadone for as long as I have to and it has been a blessing. I can’t stick myself 20 times with needles in a day any more, mainly because there isn’t a single vein left any where in my body, regardless from that, I am living again. The last 8 years I feel like my body has been on auto-pilot.

40 SPVMc { 01.06.12 at 5:42 pm }

It’s been almost a month since my last dosage of Methadone. I was on it for 4 years, prescribed during Cancer. I did know that this drug was used for opioid maint/Heroin and chronic pain. When I was placed on it, it helped wonderfully with the pain. I AM blessed to be in remission. And 4 years later, it was TIME to get off the Methadone. I knew I was addicted to it, but I was tied to a doctor monthly. The best thing any of us can do before coming off a drug is research… I commend each one of us. I just wish I’d done it sooner… :/ When I made the decision to come off of Methadone, my prescribing physician gave me the name of a doctor who prescribes Suboxone. Both of these gentlemen are very nice men and good physicians. But, even a good physician can kill you, by mistake. The plan was stop the Methadone and go one Morphine IR for 6 days, then the day before my appt, stop the Morphine and show up at his office in withdrawal. I stopped it the day before, but I really didn’t feel the discomfort associated with opiate withdrawal. THAT should have been my first clue, it wasn’t. The doc administered my 1st dose of Suboxone in his office and then had me sit there for a while, as it disolved under my tongue. At FIRST, everything was okay. But, once I’d left his office and filled the prescription for Suboxone, I noticed the vague small symptoms coming back. I called the doctor’s office and it was late, by office standards (7pm). But, I GUESS I was in luck… I was told to take another Suboxone once I got home, because it can make you sleepy. I waited until I got home, took the 2nd dose and about 1 hour later woke up in the most excruciating physical and mental discomfort I’ve ever known. Childbirth, surgeries, Cancer, I’ve endured… NOTHING was as bad as this. Sweat poring profusely, Blood Pressure and Heart Rate up, it felt like worms were wiggling their way up thru my pores… When I closed my eyes, fire works were going off on my eyelids… The Suboxone had induced withdrawal because Methadone can stay in your system, at ANY level, from 7 hours to 17 days. It just depends on how quickly your body gets rid of the drug. That’s why so many people overdose and die on the stuff, especially when they combine it with drugs like Xanax (Benzodiazapines). To make a long story short, I called the doctor, who was at home by this time and his advice was to take yet ANOTHER Suboxone. NOT! What I didn’t know was Methadone was still in my system and Suboxone was not the drug I should be taking yet.
I wish I’d known about the tapering, it’s seems to me to be the most logical detox from a back burner (long acting) drug like Methadone. But, I did end up back in the doctor’s office, a day and a half of pure agony later. And he drug tested me, sure enough in big bold letters, there was the Methadone. It was there 2 days before, but his specialty was not addictive medicine. I went back on the Morphine IR for an additional 2 weeks. But then, there was the coming off the morphine… Bad, but much better than the Methadone. I’ve just today begun the Suboxone, almost 1 month after my last dose of Methadone.
I read a site. before this one that said, “Want to get off of Methadone? Just substitute you next dose for Suboxone!!!” Please, don’t do that, you WILL be sorry. And this message wasn’t really meant to be about HOW to get off Methadone, it’s just been my experience getting off the drug over the last 28 days. Everyone is different, everyone’s tolerance for withdrawal is different. And after jumping off at 60mgs/day to Morphine, to Suboxone, to back to Morphine, to back to Suboxone, it’s been a rollar coaster of awful physical and mental symptoms. Tapering down seems by far the best way to get off this drug, it just stays in your system too long to cold turkey it… For me, anyway.
And even though I know neither one of my docs meant to hurt me, they still did. Because I did NOT do any research! We remain our own best advocates… Best wishes to all of you on this difficult journey. I believe it will be better on the other side, I’m not there yet, but I still believe!

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